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Concerning Sounds of CS

2007-07-17 22:56:59 by StealthBeast

If you want the MP3, go to

Let's all thank the newgrounds crew for all their hard work in the layout!


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2008-10-13 16:58:59

it's sad to see that you've left the the zombie survivial crew we could do with some veterans

StealthBeast responds:

You guys never really did anything lol..


2009-07-12 23:53:21

Too bad it gets stolen in YouTube D:


2009-07-13 01:18:40

Why were the characters in L4D clickable?

StealthBeast responds:

Early accident. When I create the limbs, I was on a tight deadline and was in a rush.

No way to fix it now lol.


2009-07-15 21:05:28

pivot is stick figure animation


2009-11-15 14:13:50

pshh, the guy who says my art is generic. your animations suck more than my art does. So don't go into that playing field.

Also, grow a pair of testicles and take the critisism you receive like a man. and don't start whining about it. Because in the end, how many quotes and paragraphs and pro-stickman propaganda shit you throw around, i won't fucking care.


2010-04-03 02:48:17

Masterful review on Jim the Worm. That was better than the flash itself.


2011-01-22 09:59:51

So hows left 4 dead 2 treating ya?


2011-06-15 16:35:12

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