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Orange Roulette Orange Roulette

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simple, yet tense. Nice. This is a very fun game. It'd seem like Russian Roulette wouldn't have much potential, but playing enough will point out some simple objective math to maximize probability of survival. I see more potential behind this game in the form of cinematics, writing, and maybe the addition of more rules or players.

Want to maximize your survival?
ALWAYS try to shoot your opponent UNLESS...

1-'s a 1/3 chance, at which point, spin the cylinder.

If you try to shoot them when there's a 1/3 chance left, it WILL be a death sentence. Picture this: *click 1*
*click 2*
*click 3*
Now you have the gun, with only 1/3 of a chance of it going off. If you point it at them, more likely than not (2/3, of course), they'll survive, and that will be the last time the gun will be pointed at them.
*click 4*
Checkmate; You're forced to turn the gun onto yourself for 1/2, and even if...
*click 5* actually survived that, you're forced to hand the gun over to your opponent, who, given the 1/1 chance, WILL point it to you and...

NOTE: If you're at 1/3, but you have already used your "cylinder spin", then point it at yourself, (in the off-chance of them getting nervous and using THEIR cylinder spin);
THE MATH BEHIND THAT IDEA: If you point it at them, you'll have 1/3 of a chance of killing them, but then you're "checkmated" so to speak (1/3 chance of killing them translates to 2/3 chance of you dying). BUT... If you point it at yourself, you'll take 1/3 of a chance, and the gun will go to them, who will either point it at you for 1/2 of a chance of you dying (which, after the math, still equates to them facing 1/3 of a chance at death, and you having taken 2/3 of a chance anyway) OR they'll decide to use THEIR cylinder spin (the objective in turning it on yourself), bringing the odds back in your favor (they probably won't use a pure "always try to shoot the opponent" tactic, AND... if they did, it'd be very very close to the previous 50/50 risk anyway)

2-'s a 1/2 chance, at which point, spin the cylinder.

If you continue the "always try to shoot the opponent" tactic, your odds will be > 1/2 (even if they also always try to shoot you as well. This is due to the fact that you always go first in this game).
NOTE: If you've already spun the cylinder, obviously, try to shoot them, as it's unlikely that they'll use their cylinder spin or commit suicide when they have a 1/1 chance of killing you, lol...

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Bunny Kill 5 The Game Bunny Kill 5 The Game

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome, now run with it

More levels, more combos, more weapon variety, more enemies.

Air combos were a bit overpowered, and fighting on the ground was rarely worth it. When it came to "bosses", it behooved the player to fight like a total coward, which plays nicely but looks retarded lol.

I like it for what it's worth.

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One Chance One Chance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Astoundingly tense.

Knowing I only had 1 chance to play this game made it incredibly intense. I don't regret my decisions. I worked every single opportunity and "won" (I'm assuming this is the best ending... I can't imagine it going any better)

I was totally into it.

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Big Pixel Zombies Big Pixel Zombies

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Decent simplicity

I'm not too familiar with 3D environments in flash, but I must say I was impressed, even if it was just a bunch of rectangular prisms lol.

One thing I liked about this defensive shooter in general is the need to fight your way to your upgrades. It made the flow of fighting feel very natural.

One thing I really disliked was the apparent lack of ability to recover health once it was lost. In the beginning I was a little too liberal with my Rambo-mode and lost alot of health. I ran around to all the shops looking for some sort of health item, only to realize there were none... Damnit.

Nevertheless, it's fun, and game-play focused, and for that, you get a 10/10.

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Keep it Kool! Keep it Kool!

Rated 1 / 5 stars

This=game, games need gameplay, gameplay sucked

If I wanted to play a childish game where the main objective is to fight with unintuitive controls, I'd get a WII.

This is neither fun nor interesting.

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CellCraft CellCraft

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Balanced, challenging, satisfying, but not perfect

Right off the bat I gotta say... This looks like an inter-dimensional programming feat. Insane props guys, I'm surprised I haven't run into glitches left and right.

This looks like it was a VERY challenging game to make... Combining medical truth with balanced gameplay, using real terminology without making it seem so dry that the player just walks away from it (though I came very close several times) and THEN blending all that with an interesting storyline, and make the game actually fun to play.

I found the difficulty spike in this game insane, not because there was anything genuinely difficult about what the game wanted me to do, but because I was clicking around frantically, trying to remember what organelle did what... And while that would seem to be BENEFITIAL (as I assume the point of this game is to educate), re-re-replaying a 15 minute level through trial and error becomes more infuriating and dry than simply opening a medical book and looking up what the damn organelle does.

So why is any of that a problem? Because we run into either 1 of 2 scenerios:

1: If you're a non-medical, non-bio major, it turns the game into a crapshoot, where success is determined by the memorization of terminology, not the actual skill of the gamer.. and such memorization, not being a bio major, would be useless to that individual (or, more simply put, a massive chunk of the game just became a massive waste of time)

2: You ARE a medical or bio major, and you already understand how all of the organelles work, you breeze through the entire game on the first try, and you don't really learn anything (as anyone who understands this stuff probably understands it a LOT more indepth than this game went into it.)

So, what's the point of this game? You said, "The goal was to make a truly educational game that was also genuinely fun to play." Well, yes, you did achieve that, but was it achieved adequately? "Zero Punctuation" once said something along the lines of: "Trying to please 2 totally different audiences never works nearly as well as pleasing 1, as instead of giving 1 audience the experience they want, you stretch yourself thin and give a poor, unfocused experience for them both."

So yes, you created an educational game, and you created a fun game.. But it wasn't as educational as it could have been than if you just focused on that (in all seriousness, this game teaches a slightly more indepth version of what I learned in middle school), simultaneous, the game was no where near as fun as it could have been if you could have dropped some more realisms, dropped some of the jargon, simplified the resources, toned down the overwhelming clutter, etc, etc, and etc.

But in the end, the very existance of this game is a VERY positive sign, and I would be lying if I said I didn't learn a thing or two from it. Most allegedly revolutionary games (Spore, Mirror's edge, Fallout 3) take 2 steps forward then 1.9 steps back, and don't perform anywhere NEAR as well as they should... But this game was an exception to that rule. This game proved that education, intuitive gameplay, interesting storyline, and straight and simple fun can be in the same sentence (if a tad bit awkwardly).

As for the storyline, it's simple, it's childish, it's stupid, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVED the story and I was TOTALLY into it.

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!Hungry Blocks! !Hungry Blocks!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars




The music was entertaining and appropriate, and the colored feedback as to exactly what you can and can't eat served as a BIG help.

However, considering there's no animated elements, I wish you boosted your fps a bit, and this concept in a game has been overdone a million times, which is why you don't get a 10/10

Loved Loved

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thought provokingly ambiguous, yet satisfying.

Loved it.

Everyone's making their own interpretations of the game. Whether there is a right answer, is only known by the author. But I'll give mine.

A couple of vibes I've got out of it:

1: God, Athiest interpretation. Following a God that "loves" you, but only guides you under the condition that you blindly follow their orders, even if they are pointless or outright damaging... Perhaps there IS a legitimate reason for all of these arbitrary rules... and perhaps this God does truly love you, but without appropriate incentive or explanation, it shouldn't come surprising to this God that you rebel.... And yet, to this God, it is. Additionally, if you obey this god, you see the full picture in its true, clear form... a boring, black and white form... If you follow your inner instincts, and disobey, you lose the advantages of clear detail, but are treated to a beautiful plethora of colors.

2: God, religious interpretation. If you obeyed through the first playthrough, it may just feel like your playing through the game normally. It may seem boring, and pointless... If you play through it a second time however, disobediently, it becomes blatantly apparent that there WAS a point to your obedience.. You didn't REALIZE what God was protecting you from until you disobeyed.

3: Companionship (love). We "love" our wife, we "love" our husband... But once we are in a relationship, they insist we are something other than what we are. They think we are beautiful, but only as beautiful as we are obedient. Once we lose obedience, the love gradually fades away, and instead of your partner being helpful, your partner gets in the way, until you're basically better off without them... If you obey, you get a clear picture, everything is predictable. If you disobey, you live a more colorful life, but a colorful life of uncertainty.

4: Government. A government loves its citizens... provided they obey its rules. However, it is not a perfect system, and some of its rules require you to either go out of your way to get something done that is otherwise simple, or outright do something pointlessly harmful (sometimes even forcing you to choose between 2 evils (control your body or mind?)). If you obey its rules, it will be a predictable path that will generally help you succeed... If you disobey its rules, you become an outlaw, and although the world is more colorful, it is more difficult to navigate.

5: Prison. Breaking the law sometimes gives you a short-term, immediate benefit, but in the long term, you end up being more inconvenienced than if you simply obeyed.

6: pointing out the black and white nature of humanity. Telling from these reviews, I notice people tended to either obeyed without question, or disobey senselessly. It's interesting that we tend to do one or the other, and not a mixture of the two....

My only complaint towards this game are the control's icy feel. It takes awhile to get up speed when you press an arrow key, it also takes awhile to stop, which makes controlling the character infuriating at some parts... That's not artsy or fun, it's annoying and it shouldn't be there; it doesn't contribute to the game, it only detracts.

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stickBrix stickBrix

Rated 4 / 5 stars

1 suggestion and 1 suggestion only:


With the raving background, the shaking scenery, the changing colors, the million and a half things popping up on screen, the combos taking up 4/5 the screen, that ball got lost REALLY easily.

A few times I'd even release the ball and totally lose it before it got to the top... sometimes even be running my cursor around frantically only to realize that I lost the ball awhile ago.

When the player loses basic perception and control, it turns into a crapshoot. Crapshoots aren't fun.

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13 More Days in Hell 13 More Days in Hell

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Incredible, but shitty.

I half shat myself in the beginning. Walking around in a 3d environment in flash?! That's crazy!

Unfortunately, the controls are so clunky, the weapons are so pissweak, and the gameplay is so repetitive... I really couldn't bear to continue past the first 5 minutes.